Here at Face 5 Acne Solution Center, we deliver professional, customized, and in-depth acne solutions both in Colorado Springs and around the globe thanks to our virtual acne services. 

“Can virtual acne services really be as effective as in-person diagnosis and treatment?” you may be asking. While you may assume that the answer is a resounding “No”, our virtual acne solutions are equally as successful as the in-person programs we conduct for clients here in Colorado Springs! How? Because of our three-tier approach to acne.

Below are one of our all-time favorite examples of how our virtual acne services work to clear skin and keep it clear long-term!




Wow, right? Transformations like these are what make our hard work and dedication worthwhile!

Tier 1: Face 5’s FREE Virtual Acne Consult

Understanding acne is the foundation of any effective treatment, which is why, on top of our  free catalogue of acne information available on our website, our no-charge 15-minute consultation is dedicated to answering our clients’ skin-related queries and concerns, delving into their skin’s history, and recommending esthetician-approved lifestyle alterations (such as avoiding specific acne trigger foods) in order to set our clients on the path to clear skin.

Common questions that we answer in our free virtual acne consultations include:

Our free virtual consultations are perfect for teenagers struggling with painful cystic acne, women grappling with hormonal acne, adults who are looking for a second opinion about how they are currently combating their acne, and even those located in Colorado Springs but are unable to come in to see us in person due to self-isolation protocols!

Tier 2: Face 5’s Full Virtual Acne Solution Program

Our full virtual acne solution program orbits around our top-selling Acne Rescue Starting Kit. Built upon 360-degree customization, Face 5’s Acne Rescue Starting Kitand, in turn, our full virtual acne solution programuses a thorough questionnaire to determine the best approach for each and every client. Whether the focus is on back acne, tween or teenage acne, combination skin, or multiple types of acne, our Acne Rescue Starting Kits come with:

  • 5- 7 non-comedogenic skin care products based on the client’s specific skin needs and goals.
  • A complimentary Acne Solution Guide, which details information on an acne-safe diet, lifestyle tips, a list of potential acne-triggering medications, and in-depth shaving recommendations.
  • A complimentary acne specialist-approved Icy Gel and lip balm from our store.
  • A coupon for a free 30-minute virtual acne session (regularly $55 USD). We recommend clients use this coupon to book a consultation before starting the program to expedite results!
  • No charge on home care instruction for the first six weeks of the program, as well as unlimited support via email for those same six weeks.

Each Acne Rescue Kit is specially crafted to target specific skin focuses, including:

  • Dry and/or Sensitive Skin Kit: $195.75 USD
  • Combination Skin Kit: $168 USD
  • Oily Skin Kit: $164.25 USD
  • Back Acne Kit: $122 USD

Need help determining which Acne Rescue Kit is best for you? Fill out our Acne Rescue Kit Assessment Form for a guided walkthrough on how to choose!

Our Acne Rescue Kits are delivered contactlessly to your doorstep, meaning that our full virtual acne solution program is safe to start even during COVID-19!

Tier 3: Face 5’s Virtual Acne Follow-Up Session

Face 5 was founded on thorough, compassionate, and science-backed skin care, so our 15-minute follow-up session, retailing at $35 USD, ensures that our clients stay on track to clear skin; our acne specialists will be here to gauge your progress and, when needed, help you get back on track during those crucial first six weeks of your program. 

Once acne has been rendered inactive, we recommend meeting with their acne specialist every 3-4 months to guarantee that proper acne maintenance is being done. After all, the last thing we want is for your acne to reoccur!

LIMITED-TIME BONUS: Face 5 is Now Offering Complimentary Virtual Sessions for Existing Clients During Self-Isolation!

Why let self-isolation stand in the way between you and clear skin? Throughout the stay-at-home order brought about by COVID-19, we here at Face 5 are offering free 15-minute virtual sessions for existing clients. Contact us for details!

Whether you’re brand new to Face 5 and are looking to finally take the leap to clear skin or have already met with our acne specialists, book your first appointment today to get yourself closer than ever to the skin of your dreams!