Since acne is a skin condition that impacts up to a whopping 50 million Americans annually (including every 8 in 10 teens!), personalized acne treatment and education has never been more vital… especially now that COVID-19 has made it so many Americans are now unable to receive consistent, professional in-person acne treatment and advice. 

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Having offered free acne education online for years, Face 5 takes the depth of science-backed acne advice even further in the Face 5 Acne Newsletter: whether you’re a busy parent searching for at-home acne solutions for your teen, a teenager yourself looking to combat your acne without medication, or an adult looking to better your acne-prone skin as a whole, Face 5’s founder and acne specialist, Yuki, crafts each and every newsletter with your plights in mind.

What topics do the Face 5 Acne Newsletters cover?

  • Acne solutions
  • Variations and severity of acne
  • How to best treat blemishes
  • Common acne misconceptions
  • Treating different skin types for acne
  • Cystic acne education
  • Education on dark spots and scarring
  • FAQs on prescribed acne medications
  • Hormonal acne in women
  • Body acne
  • Face 5-approved OTC acne medications and products

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Face 5’s current treatment spotlight? The two-step At-Home Acne Program, which includes:

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