LED acne therapy: one of the most popular non-invasive treatments for all grades of acne, and for good reason!

If you’re a teen with acne or the parent of a teen with acne, it’s likely you’ve already heard about LED for acne—  hailed for its safety, convenience, general cost-effectiveness, and efficacy, LED for acne has only risen in popularity for both in-clinic and at-home use since its inception as its availability has become more widespread. 

In today’s blog, Face 5 lists what makes the best LED acne treatments… and why Face 5 is proud to offer them for both in-clinic and at-home use!

First Things First: What Exactly Are LED Acne Treatments? What Makes Them So Effective?

LED light therapy, short for light-emitting diode therapy, is a type of skin care treatment that utilizes varying wavelengths of light to safely and effectively target skin conditions such as acne, inflammation, and visible signs of aging.

LED acne therapy is especially recommended for those who have not seen desired results from over-the-counter topical treatments and/or medications, as LED light therapy is safe for all skin colors and does not cause burning like other more invasive treatments can (i.e lasering for acne scars).

So what exactly makes LED acne therapy so efficient? Well, it’s the combination of blue and red wavelengths: while blue light’s antimicrobial properties kill acne-triggering surface-level bacteria (in fact, one study saw a visible improvement in 77% of people using blue light on their acne!), red light dives deeper into the skin to heal tissue and calm inflammation from the inside-out. At a standard 15 to 20 minutes per session with zero down time, it’s no wonder why LED light therapy for acne is so widely used!

If managing mild-to-moderate acne, fine lines, and/or inflammation is a primary struggle of yours, it’s likely that you’re the perfect candidate for either in-clinic or at-home LED light therapy. Contact Face 5 today to set up an initial LED acne therapy consult!

The Best LED Acne Treatments at Face 5: the LightStim Professional Panel and the Celluma Panel

On top of providing free science-backed acne info, a virtual acne program for Face 5’s long-distance clients, and multiple in-clinic acne treatment options, Face 5 is proud to feature only the most cutting-edge of LED acne therapy for in-clinic use.

Featuring panels from both LighStim and Celluma for Face 5’s Full Face and Full Body treatments, I combine LED acne therapy with a full skin diagnosis, clogged pores extractions, home care regimen instructions, and either a Hydrating Enzyme treatment or Chemical peel treatment for clear skin fast

Trusted by licensed acne specialists around the world, both LightStim and Celluma’s panels offer:

  • Safe, UV-free light-emitting diodes that work to assist in tissue repair, skin tone improvements, acne bacteria reduction, inflammation reduction, and fine line smoothing
  • FDA-cleared, professional-grade strengths that have been proven to clear mild-to-moderate acne in both teenagers and adults
  • Entirely non-toxic, non-invasive treatment that can be safely and effectively used anywhere on the body, even large areas

Curious? Just leaf through our many face-and-body acne success stories!

The Best LED Acne Treatments at Home: LightStim and MySkinBuddy

Looking for safe, clinical-grade acne treatments? Look no further than Face 5’s online store, where I proudly retail two of the best at-home LED acne therapy devices on the market: LightStim, which I use in-clinic, and MySkinBuddy.

Both hailed as revolutionary facial devices that have been proven to yield a clearer complexion, brighter skin tone, and minimized fine lines, integrating LightStim or MySkinBuddy devices into your home care routine can result in:

  • Stimulated collagen production
  • Deeper product penetration
  • A reduced appearance of pores, age spots, and wrinkles
  • Easier exfoliation of dead skin cells

Not sure which device would best suit your needs? If you’re new to Face 5, reach out today to get in touch with me, Yuki, or fill out the Home Care Assessment Form if you’re an existing client of Face 5. Clear skin from home for you or your teen? It’s possible with LED acne therapy!

Take Your First Step Towards Clear Skin TODAY

Here at Face 5, my mission is to clear acne without meds. Have any further questions or comments about if integrating LED acne therapy is the best way to get you or your teen’s acne under control? Book an appointment today or subscribe to the Face 5 newsletter for periodic science-backed acne tips and tricks! I hope to hear from you soon.