About Face 5

At Face 5, we understand that having a clear complexion is crucial to building confidence and self-esteem in younger years. Even in later years, not knowing how to take care of your own skin and struggling with breakouts is frustrating. It is nice to have a skincare coach who can be there to guide you on the way to clearer skin. In order to achieve your very best complexion, YOU need to know how to take care of your skin at home. That comes with the help of an experienced esthetician/acne specialist who understands your unique skin. Yuki believes in educating clients, and she can do so by drawing upon her extensive knowledge in skincare and preventive health.

About Yuki Stauffer, Licensed Esthetician

Yuki is a Colorado licensed Esthetician, certified Acne Specialist, Reflexologist, and Preventive Healthcare Instructor (received from the Society of Preventive Medicine in Japan). Yuki has been treating skin for over a decade. After working in a spa environment, she realized that acne skin needs to be treated in a special way. Her realization became her passion and she created a clinic dedicated to helping acne sufferers. Yuki loves transforming clients’ skin and seeing the joy in their faces. Yuki grew up in Japan and came to America as an exchange student in college, and met the love of her life, Andy, while in San Diego, CA. Andy and Yuki have been living in Colorado Springs for 20 years and they have four boys and two dogs.

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