Acne Scar Treatment

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Micro-Needling is a technique that involves making tiny controlled injuries in the skin surface to stimulate new collagen production.

Microneedling Services

  1. Acne Scar Reduction Therapy for Face $215*
  2. Acne Scar Reduction Therapy for Back & Shoulder $235*
  3. Collagen Induction Therapy for Anti-Aging $275*

We recommend a series of 3-6 treatments, with 3-4 weeks between each visit. *All microneedling treatment comes with one free After Treatment Serum.

Package Purchase Discount

Package of 3 Acne Scar Reduction Therapy (Total of $120 off, $40 off each treatment)

  • Face – $525
  • Back – $585
  • CIT – $705

Package of 6 Acne Scar Reduction Therapy (Total of $300 off, $50 off each treatment)

  • Face – $990
  • Back – $1110
  • CIT – $1350
Does Microneedling help with getting rid of acne scars?
Yes, microneedling process promotes the growth of new collagen in your skin, encouraging your skin to heal itself, reducing the appearance of the ice pick, boxcar, and rolling acne scars.
Am I a good candidate for microneedling?
Microneedling is considered safe for most skin types and conditions. However, we do not recommend microneedling on a client with active acne breakouts. If you are still actively breaking out, we recommend starting our Acne Solution Program first and get your acne under control. If you are not sure, our acne specialists can help you determine if Microneedling is the right treatment for you.
How long does the treatment take?
We first numb the skin and this takes 30 minutes. Then it takes about 45-60 minutes to complete Microneedling treatment. Most clients are red for 24-48 hours or less. You should not be in the sun, should not apply the normal skincare product or makeup for 48-hours following the treatment. We will provide you with After Treatment Serum, which is the only product you will use following the treatment.
When should I expect results?
We recommend 3-6 treatments, with 4-6 weeks between each treatment for the best results possible. Microneedling triggers your body’s wound healing processes to heal your micro-wounds immediately. However, the most dramatic results will not be visible until 4-6 weeks after the treatment. *Results may vary based on scar type, health of skin tissues, and the age of scar tissue

This client completed the Acne Solution Program and received one Acne Scar Reduction Therapy Treatment.