At Home Acne Program

Two Step Program

Step 1: Select the “Acne Rescue Starting Kit” that fits your needs

For Facial Acne, choose your starting kit depending on your skin type:

  • Super Oily Skin Type
  • Oily to Combination Skin Type
  • Dry Skin Type
  • Sensitive Skin Type

For Back Acne, choose 

  • Back Acne

All of our Starting Kits come with

  • 5-7 non-comedogenic skincare products
  • A complimentary Acne Solution Guide
  • A complimentary acne specialist-approved Icy Gel and lip balm
  • No charge on home care instruction for the first six weeks of the program, as well as unlimited support via email for those same six weeks.

Step 2: Schedule Follow Up Session

After 6 weeks of following our Acne Solution Program, you should be on your way to clear skin. However, if you are still having any skin problems or if you would like to follow up on your home care products, we offer Virtual Follow-Up Session for 15 min. for $35 USD anytime you need help.

All virtual appointments are available to schedule through our online scheduling service.

Day one
One Month

Two Months
Three Months

*Results may vary