Our Acne Coaching Program

Our Acne Solution Program is a months-long program that requires your commitment to use our acne-safe products exclusively, and commit to change your diet, lifestyle, and makeup as necessary, to get your acne under control. The timeline of how long it takes to clear your acne averages 2-4 months for in-clinic clients, and 3-6 months for virtual clients. However, it depends on what type of skin & acne you have, which medications you take, and how committed you are to the program.

Face 5 important aspects for lasting acne solutions…

  1. Acne-Safe skin care is a must! You must use non-pore clogging acne-safe products if you are acne-prone. There is no other way around it. Products at Face 5 are specifically formulated for acne-prone skin and guaranteed not to clog your pores. You can shop our products 24/7 online from our website.
  2. Acne-Safe Diet is required to have clear skin. We will examine what is contributing to your breakouts from the inside, as certain foods are known to cause problems to acne-prone people. You might be surprised to find what could be your trigger food.
  3. Supplements / Medications can be a problem or a solution. We will review with you any supplements/medication that could be a problem, or part of the solution, such as birth control pills.
  4. Lifestyle need to be adjusted. Some lifestyles can be a problem if you are acne prone. Are you a swimmer who is in the water with chlorine? Are you a football player whose face breaks out in acne under the pads of your helmet? We will go over what can be done to prevent and change to get your acne under control.
  5. Support from acne specialist is the fastest and easiest way to find your clear skin! Acne Specialists are professional who are trained to treat acne. Trying many products just to find if it will work or not is frustrating. Acne specialists can find the products that will work for your skin and acne type and help guide your steps to clear up your acne. Your acne specialist is your acne coach. We understand that acne can be debilitating and is stressful if you are struggling by yourself. You can send us questions by email 24/7.     We are here for you. This is team work!

If you’re interested in signing up for our coaching, please review our policies and then schedule a consultation!

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