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Yuki Stauffer, Founder

I was a mother who was desperately seeking a solution to my three sons’ sometimes heart-breaking acne. I went through these trying years and experienced much of the desperation that so many other moms and dads have experienced themselves with their own children. Ultimately, I learned more than I ever thought possible, and came away with so many things that I want to share with others, and hopefully ease their own struggles with their children’s acne. The good news is that there is indeed hope for your child!

On the surface, acne would appear to affect only the skin, but in truth, it affects so many young people on an emotional level. Facial acne can prevent teens from confidently going to social events, going out in public, or even from just going to the store. Back-acne has many teens avoiding summer fun because they don’t want to take their shirt off. These are not choices we want our sons and daughters having to make. We want so much more for them! Most of all, we want them to just enjoy being young!

I have 4 boys – 3 of whom are now in their 20’s (#4 is still a little guy!). As an Esthetician, I was determined that my boys not suffer from acne the way so many teens do. Even more so, I was adamant that they not be exposed to harmful medications, like Accutane, while they were still growing. Read My Full Story

Riley Quinonez, Esthetician / Acne Specialist

I am a Colorado native that loves to be outside camping and fishing during the summer months and traveling. I am passionate about all things involving movies, TV, ballet, and of course, skincare. I come from a long line of estheticians, as my mother and grandmother are both licensed in the field.

I was a pre-professional ballerina for 14 years and struggled with acne during this time. My mother tried all the acne products she could think of, along with regular facial treatments. She was very hesitant to take me to a dermatologist, who would put me on Accutane or other oral and topical antibiotics as she knew the long-term effects. When she saw the products and facials weren’t working, she took a new route and decided to cut certain foods out of my diet. This really seemed to help clear up my acne.

When I found Face 5 Acne Solution Center, I knew I had to work here! Looking at all the photos of those who struggled with acne and becoming completely clear was astonishing. It has always been important to me to help others in my occupation, so I knew Face 5 was the perfect fit for me. It has been such a pleasure working here.

Cadee Britton, Junior Clinic Manager

I moved to Colorado 3 years ago and absolutely love it here. I enjoy hiking, cooking, and getting to travel. It’s always been important to me that I get to help others in my occupation, so having the opportunity to work at Face 5 has been an amazing experience.

I struggled with adult acne for many years. I spent hundreds of dollars and wasted so much time trying to treat the acne, but nothing worked. After only three months of being on Face 5’s Acne Solution Program, I started seeing big changes in my skin. Now I have been on the program for six months, and my skin is clearer than it has ever been!

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