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Formulated for acne-prone skin and guaranteed not to clog your pores.

Results for Acne Sufferers

Acne care that actually makes a difference.

Colorado Springs Acne Clinic

Our local clinic offers in-person acne care for Colorado clients.

We are experiencing a high volume of appointment requests. If you cannot find the appointment time available soon enough on the online scheduling link, please email us at info@facefiveacne.com to put you on our waiting list. As soon as we have any cancellations, we will let you know. 

Face 5 is dedicated to offering solutions

to those who are struggling with acne,

No Matter How Severe It Is,

No Matter What You Have Tried In The Past,

and No Matter Where You Live.

If you are an acne sufferer who:

  • Has tried Proactive and other similar products. Or whose skin has become dry and irritated? Or who experienced success at first, but is now breaking out again?
  • Has gone to Dermatologists and tried some prescription medications and creams, but experienced little or no improvement.
  • Has tried health food store organic products, and eats healthy, but is experiencing no improvement.
  • Has tried almost everything you have read or seen on the internet but nothing seems to help.
  • Is feeling hopeless and considering using Accutane, or have even used Accutane but has not yet experienced clear skin.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone! We have helped many acne sufferers successfully.

We offer Free 15min. Consultations Talk to our acne specialists and find out if Face 5 Acne Solution Program is the right solution for YOU. You can ask our acne specialists any questions you may have. Let’s figure out together the best strategy to tackle your acne and get your acne under control for good!

Face 5 offers acne solutions to those who are struggling with acne, no matter where you live. Your skin and your acne is unique to just you. Your acne-care must be customized just for YOU, too. We are here to help you establish your own personalized skin-care regimen and help you achieve clear skin for good. We offer our proven Acne Solution Program at our clinic in Colorado Springs and Virtually. Choose what works for you, and schedule your 1st appointment! If you are not sure about how our program works, or if you just have questions, please feel free to contact us.

We get results for acne sufferers



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