Acne Rescue Starting Kit- Sensitive Skin type


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Face 5’s Starter Kit for Sensitive skin types. This kit is designed to clear acne on the face.

Includes the following items:

  1. Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel 2.5 oz – $25
  2. Calming Toner 4 oz – $14.25
  3. Alpha 5 Serum 1 oz – $43
  4. O2 Cream  1 oz – $19
  5. CeraMoisture Cream 2.5 oz – $29.50


Sunscreen of your choice:

  • Tinted Sunscreen (Waterproof) $44
  • Non-Tinted Sunscreen (Waterproof)  $44
  • Illuminating SPF (Lightly Tinted) $49.99
  • Advanced Protection SPF30 $35

Free Gifts Include:

  • Acne specialist-approved Icy Gel (Reg. $4.50)
  • Lip balm (Reg. $4.50) available in our store. *Please indicate the flavor of your choice, otherwise “Plain Natural” flavor will be included.
  • Travel Case
  • A complimentary Acne Solution Guide, which details information on an acne-safe diet, lifestyle tips, a list of potential acne-triggering medications, and in-depth shaving recommendations.
  • Home care instruction for the first six weeks of the program, as well as unlimited support via email for those same six weeks.

Additional information

Choose your Sunscreen

Tinted Sunscreen, Non-Tinted Sunscreen, Illuminating Daily SPF40, Advanced Protection SPF30

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