Gentle Hydro Cleansing Oil


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4 oz.

This unique, high-performance, water-activated, hydrophilic face cleansing oil will gently remove makeup and impurities in a single step while maintaining the skin’s natural protective barrier. When the hydro-cleansing oil is massaged into the skin, it binds with the sebum and releases the dead skin cells. Once emulsified with water, the cleansing oil encapsulates dead skin cells, debris, sweat, and makeup.

As the high-performance unscented cleansing oil gently releases impurities from the skin’s surface, the texture of the skin is more refined while leaving a more radiant look.

The Gentle Hydro-Cleansing Oil is designed to rinse clean, without leaving a greasy residue. Safe for sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin of all types and ethnicities. Gentle and safe to remove eye makeup.

Mineral Oil-Free
100% Fragrance-Free
100% Essential Oil-Free
100% Soap Free
Dye/ Colorant Free
85% Organic Content
Paraben-Free Cleanser

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Weight 4 oz

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