Olura Eno

So excited to introduce this device to you all, Face 5 Friends!

Olura Eno™ is a multi-tasking handheld device that does ultrasonic exfoliation, facial sculpting, and product penetration.
All you need for your skincare in just one device.

Is this good for acne-prone skin?
1. The exfoliating side is very gentle. You can use Eno’s gentle vibrations with your acne-safe cleanser to slough off the dead skin cells. Slide those blackheads out of the nose!
2. By exfoliating the skin well, the skin is prepared for all the products you apply, and your product will penetrate deeper.
3. Eno’s Vibration and Ultrasound side makes it up to 20 times more effective at infusing products into the deep layers of the skin than applying by hand.
4. Paired with our very active, acne-fighting skincare, it will transform your home regimen into a clinical-grade facial at home every day.
5. Eno’s 350,000 pulses per second help refine the appearance of your cheeks, jawline, and eyes while stimulating the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to your cells. Who wouldn’t want this?

Great device for Acne Clearing and Anti-Aging.
Because we know you’ll love it so much, we’ve backed it with a 30-day guarantee.

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