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Does your pre-teen need to start a good skincare regimen? If your pre-teen is starting to show the signs of acne and they have not developed a good skincare regimen yet, this is a very good simple way to get started with good skin habits. You never want to overwhelm pre-teens with too many products or too many steps, right? Our “Tween Kit” requires only 3 easy steps, morning and evening.

What could be better than starting with the right skincare products for their skin type with no pore-clogging ingredients!

This kit includes the following:

Mandelic Cleanser (4 oz) – $17.50
HydraQuench Gel ( 1oz.) – $13
O2 Cream ( 1 oz. ) – $19
Advanced Protection SPF30 – $35
Home Care Instruction Sheet – Free!

Bonus Gifts: Lip Balm (Natural) and Travel bag

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