Virtual Acne Coaching

Are you struggling with acne problems and want to manage your acne from the comfort of your own home? No Problem! Our remote service makes it very easy to treat your acne from the comfort of your home computer. Our Virtual Acne Coaching allows you to attend a virtual appointment from anywhere. If you live in the world (with a computer) and are suffering from acne problems, try our Virtual Acne Coaching. These virtual sessions cover all the same things as our in-clinic sessions, but with the convenience of virtual attendance.

Step 1: Schedule your appointment and purchase "Skin-Test" kit


  • Schedule Virtual Consultation and purchase skin-test kit from our online store.  Please make sure to give us at least 5 business days before the appointment in order to make sure that you receive your skin-test kit in the mail. 
  • You will receive an email from us with Client Questionaly Form. Then, you will be answering questions about acne, health, lifestyle, etc. and you will send us 3 pictures of acne affected area.
  • You will be getting an email from us with the information on meeting ID with ZOOM. 
  • You will receive the Skin-Test kit from us in the mail. We will do this skin-test together during the schedule consultation appointment.


Step 2: Virtual Consultation

You will meet your acne specialist, Yuki, at your Virtual Consultation appointment.


  • Review of your intake form
  • Information about acne-safe lifestyle, diet, makeup, hair care, medications, etc.
  • Supplement recommendation
  • An unbiased, ingredient-based assessment of your current home care products.

With skin-test kit purchase:

  • Skin-Test to figure out your skin sensitivity, skin type
  • Recommendation of customized home care products for your acne and skin*
  • 1 month of unlimited email support
  • Home care product instruction for the first month

*The first set of products lasts about 2 months+, and costs about $150. (Products costs are in addition to appointment costs.)

Step 3: Schedule check-in appointments

After you complete your first month of our Virtual Acne Coaching, you may schedule “Adjustment Check-In” by ZOOM with your acne specialist, Yuki, every 2 weeks until your acne is under control. Most of the clients clear up within 4-6 months time, however, individual result may vary.


Adjustment Check-In appointment includes:

  • 15min. of Virtual Session with your acne specialist
  • Adjustment instruction of home care for next 2 weeks
  • Time to ask all of your questions and concerns

You will need to add/replenish products as you go through the program. Products are sold separately.

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