Virtual Acne Coaching

Are you struggling with acne problems and want to manage your acne from the comfort of your own home? No Problem! Our remote service makes it very easy to treat your acne from the comfort of your home computer. Our Virtual Acne Coaching allows you to attend a virtual appointment from anywhere. If you live in the world (with a computer) and are suffering from acne problems, try our Virtual Acne Coaching. These virtual sessions cover all the same things as our in-clinic sessions, but with the convenience of virtual attendance. ( Client must use skin care products recommended by Face 5’s acne specialist exclusively )

Step 1: Purchase our "Virtual Acne Solution Program" Kit


1. We will get in touch with you within 48-hours to schedule your 1st ZOOM session with our acne specialist.

2. You will receive an email from us with “New Client Intake Form”.  

3. We will ship your Skin-Test Kit 


3 months program $379 include……

  • Review of your “New Client Intake Form”
  • A media presentation and a printable PDF version of our Acne Solution Guide
  • Skin-Test Kit (Shipping included)
  • Starting set of skin care products, worth $150+ and last about 2+ months (Shipping Included)
  • Initial screen share ZOOM session (60 minutes) with your acne specialist 
  • 1/month ZOOM session (20 min. each ) for 2nd and 3rd month of the program
  • Unlimited email support for 3 months  

Step 2: Initial Virtual ZOOM Session

You will meet your acne specialist, Yuki, at your Virtual  Session.

  • We will discuss the review of your “New Client Intake Form”
  • Go over the information about acne-safe lifestyle, diet, makeup, hair care, medications, etc.
  • Supplement recommendation
  • An unbiased, ingredient-based assessment of your current home care products
  • We will do the Skin-Test together to figure out your skin sensitivity, skin type
  • Recommendation of customized home care products for your acne and skin. (The starting skin care products will be shipped. Cost of products and shipping are included in the purchase of “Virtual Acne Solution Program” kit)
  • Home care product instruction for the first 2 weeks

*The first set of products lasts about 2 months+, and costs about $150. This first set of skin care products and shipping are included in the purchase of “Virtual Acne Solution Program”. 

Step 3: Ongoing Email Support and 1/month Virtual Session

No more continuous wondering of if the skin care products you are using is the right products for you.  We are here to make sure you are using the right skin care products in the right way! We are here to guide you to achieve your clear skin!  


After your initial virtual session, you will receive an instruction on how to use the skin care products at home every 2 weeks. Adjustment we make to your home care is the key to your clear skin success. We will schedule 1/month virtual session ( 20 minutes each ) for 2nd and 3rd month.  Communication is important! Unlimited email support throughout the program! We will reply within 24-hours!  Most of the clients see the clearing of acne within 3 months, however, the result very depending on what type of acne you have. So if you need our support after 3 months, it is $50 per month to continue with our program. 


You will need to add/replenish products as you go through the program. Additional products are sold separately.

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