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Face 5 Acne Solutions specializes in treating acne with customized treatment plans based on your needs. No matter how severe your acne is, what type of acne you suffer from, or what treatments you’ve tried in the past, we can help! We even offer a treatment plan for those who are not near our office in Colorado Springs, CO.

If you are an acne sufferer who:

  • Has tried Proactiv and other similar products without success. Or maybe you experienced success at first but are now breaking out again.
  • Has gone to board-certified dermatologists and tried some prescription oral medications and topical creams, or even Accutane but experienced little or no improvement.
  • Has tried chemical peels, spot treatments, and other expensive skincare treatments without long-term success.
  • Has tried health food store organic products, and eats healthy, but is experiencing no improvement.
  • Has tried almost everything you have read or seen on the internet, but nothing seems to help.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone! We’ve helped thousand of people just like you without oral medications, topical antibiotics, and other side-effect ridden treatments.

Schedule a Free 15 Minute Consultation

Get to know more about our treatment approach with a free 15-minute consultation. This visit can take place virtually or in person. Talk to our acne specialists and find out if Face 5 Acne Solution Program is the right solution for YOU. You can ask our acne specialists any questions you may have. Let’s figure out together the best strategy to tackle your case of acne and get your breakouts under control for good!


Unfortunately, many acne products will cause dryness and irritation or won’t address all forms of acne, so you may find yourself spending lots of money on products that don’t even work. Face Five Skincare products are different. They contain proven active ingredients to unclog pores and reduce oil to address acne at the source. We also provide treatment for acne scars to help smooth and revitalize your skin once your breakouts are under control.

We offer our proven Acne Solution Program at our clinic in Colorado Springs and virtually via ZOOM. Choose what works for you and schedule your first appointment! If you are not sure about how our program works, or if you just have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Access Our Treatment Facilities Online or In Person

Face 5 offers acne solutions to those who are struggling with acne, no matter where you live. Your skin and your acne are unique to you. Your acne care should be customized just for YOU, too. We are here to help you establish your own personalized skincare regimen and help you achieve clear skin for good.

Client Testimonials

Face 5 Acne Solution Center
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Denise PopeDenise Pope
16:00 30 Sep 22
Face 5 is amazing! My daughters acne has improved significantly! I highly recommend their services and products!
08:33 28 Aug 22
I've been going to Face 5 for a bit over a year now, as someone who had on and off breakouts, ingrown hair, and old acne scars. I struggled with acne since I was a teenager, and it's continued well into adulthood; being something I was always very self conscious about, I always wondered if I could ever get rid of it for good.My situation with acne had tapered off with acne scars and occasional zits being the worst of it when I saw Yuki - I had dark blemishes on the face, but I didn't know how to keep new breakouts or blackouts under control, even as I trial and errored through several different types and brands of skincare products by myself, tried Retinol, etc.However, I no longer struggle with that problem anymore, and I feel a lot more confident about the appearance of my face after having seen Yuki and her staff for regular appointments. My skin is a lot clearer, smoother, hydrated, and brighter looking than it used to be, and the vast majority of my acne scarring and skin deadness has vanished thanks to Yuki's help.Yuki will first analyze the skin type you have, so she can provide the best fit of skincare products for you, it's not a one-size-fits-all procedure, as everyone's skin is different, she will personalize it for you. I had highly sensitive and dry combination skin, and was accommodated and advised for that.She is very knowledgeable and provides a lot of lifestyle information that can contribute to acne, and advice on what to do, to reduce the chance of acne coming back on the face - everything from detailed diet breakdown, stress, hormones, chemicals to avoid in shampoos and body washes, shaving properly (I switched from a five blade to single blade razor, which makes a world of difference, I get a cleaner shave out of it and now I will never go back to those razors.) after being advised on what to do with my skin, and how to better take care of it. I was impressed with how heavily researched and detailed the chemicals and regimen were, and I saw meaningful and effective results when I stuck to her recommended daily skincare routine tightly.I saw Fiona at first, since Yuki was fully booked at the time, but later had sessions with Yuki. Yuki herself is kind and easy to talk to, and very helpful with advice. Cadee is also a courteous, welcoming, and kind receptionist. The facials are also quite soothing, and I like the tidy office space. I highly recommend others give Face 5 a try if you are struggling with acne.
Sonia MendozaSonia Mendoza
00:06 08 Jul 22
After seeing Riley for only a month my skin is noticeably clearer and probably the healthiest it has been in over a decade. I look forward to every appointment and encourage those who have tried everything in the book, like myself, to come here. Thank you Face 5!
Jessica AllenJessica Allen
21:24 18 May 22
Where do I start?!….Yuki and her staff are the absolute best! I began seeing Yuki 4 or 5 years ago when my confidence was shot. She guided and coached me to beautiful and radiant skin. My confidence was completely restored and still intact today. Not only did Yuki fulfill my skins every need, she is also a true inspiration. She started her business solely to help others and nailed that goal. Her business has grown and flourished. This June I am opening a drivers education school and Yuki was a huge inspiration in me taking the leap of faith to open my own business. If you want radiant skin and to meet some outstanding people, this is the place to go!
Amy DempseyAmy Dempsey
21:43 02 May 22
I have been going to Face 5 for over 7 years with great success and now I have flawless skin. I tried the new Hydro-Glow facial and it was amazing! So relaxing, and it made my face glow and I felt so soft and moisturized. My skin looks so fresh and happy now. I cannot wait until my next appointment.

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