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Colorado Springs Acne Clinic

Our local clinic offers in-person acne care for Colorado clients.

Face 5 Acne Solutions specializes in treating acne with customized treatment plans based on your needs.

No matter how severe your acne is, what type of acne you suffer from, or what treatments you’ve tried in the past, we can help!

We even offer a plan for treating acne at home for those who are not near our Colorado Springs acne treatment center. 

If you are an acne sufferer who:

  • Has tried Proactiv and other similar products without success. Or maybe you experienced success at first but are now breaking out again. 
  • Has gone to board-certified dermatologists and tried some prescription medications and creams, but experienced little or no improvement.
  • Has tried chemical peels, spot treatments, and other expensive skincare treatments without long-term success. 
  • Has tried health food store organic products, and eats healthy, but is experiencing no improvement.
  • Has tried almost everything you have read or seen on the internet, but nothing seems to help.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone! We’ve helped many people just like you with the best acne treatment without oral medications, topical antibiotics, and other side-effect ridden treatments. 

Unfortunately, many acne products will cause dryness and irritation or won’t address all forms of acne, so you may find yourself spending lots of money on products that don’t even work. Face 5’s Acne Care products are different. They contain proven active ingredients to unclog pores and reduce oil to address acne at the source. We also provide treatment for acne scars to help smooth and revitalize your skin once your breakouts are under control. 

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Your Treatment Goals and Objectives 

Get to know more about our treatment approach with a free 15-minute consultation. This visit can take place virtually or in person. Talk to our acne specialists and find out if Face 5 Acne Solution Program is the right solution for YOU. You can ask our acne specialists any questions you may have. Let’s figure out together the best strategy to tackle your case of acne and get your breakouts under control for good!



Access Our Treatment Facilities Online or In Person

Face 5 offers acne solutions to those who are struggling with acne, no matter where you live. Your skin and your acne are unique to you. Your acne care should be customized just for YOU, too. We are here to help you establish your own personalized skincare regimen and help you achieve clear skin for good. 


We offer our proven Acne Solution Program at our clinic in Colorado Springs and virtually via video conference. Choose what works for you and schedule your first appointment! If you are not sure about how our program works, or if you just have questions, please feel free to contact us.


We get results for acne sufferers



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