Wishing you a safe and happy start to Fall, Colorado!

While autumn brings along with it great joy (because let’s face it, who doesn’t love Thanksgiving and pumpkin-flavored everything?!) it’s also bringing with it another challenge on top of the regular cold and flu season this year: the next forecasted peak of COVID-19. And you know what that means— the next forecasted peak of “maskne”.

An Introduction to Maskne

Popularized in early 2020 to describe the influx of acne many get when wearing masks frequently, maskne highlights how anything (and everything) in our environment is a potential skin irritant. Teens especially may fall prey to maskne, what with their heightened likelihood to both wear makeup underneath their masks and/or have higher activity levels throughout the day.

In a maskne-centric interview with CNN, board-certified Dr. Seemal Desai said, “We think that wearing masks, combined with stress from the pandemic, is causing an increased moisture-rich environment for bacteria and organisms to proliferate, causing a breakdown of the skin and the flaring of some of these conditions.”

“Yuki,” you may be thinking, aghast, “this sounds like terrible news for my already acne-prone teen!” While that may be true, luckily Face 5 is here to detail how you can manage your teen’s (or your!) maskne without sacrificing the protection masks provide.

Maskne Tip #1: The Secret Ingredient? Detergent 

As with any form of acne, education is the best prevention; this includes educating oneself on common skin irritants that can trigger or worsen acne. While shampoos, moisturizers, and makeup all top the list in terms of common culprits, there is one that is frequently overlooked: detergents.

Not vetting the detergent you are using in the home can lead to breakouts due to frequently-washed items such as clothing, pillowcases, and towels coming into close contact with skin. This is especially vital when machine-washing masks, as detergents with irritants such as scents or dye can exacerbate maskne due to masks’ prolonged contact against the skin around the nose, mouth, and chin.

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Maskne Tip #2: Ice It

Ah, ice: one of the most convenient and available forms of acne treatment! Quick, versatile, and low-effort, applying ice to acne flare-ups can work to soothe inflammation and temporarily slow the rate of oil overproduction in oily skin types.

Face 5’s favorite ice-oriented acne treatment? Icy Gel ice packs. Available as both a gift-with-purchase alongside our Acne Rescue Starting Kits or individually on Face 5’s online store, the Icy Gel ice packs are one of the first tools we provide clients with when they first begin their acne journey with us. 

Another thing we love about ice for acne? Its mix-and-match potential! Pair your Icy Gel with either the Hydraquench Gel or Hydrating Toner when massaging with Icy Gel for extra acne soothing.

Maskne Tip #3: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Masks! (Yes, the Other Kind)

Don’t be afraid to fight fire with fire. Meaning? Using face masks to combat maskne, of course!

For the entirety of September, Face 5 is thrilled to be offering 10% off on our most popular face mask products: the Acne Sulfur Mask and the Hydrating Midnight Mask.

The Acne Sulfur Mask: tailored for those grappling with inflamed acne and/or blackheads, this therapeutic mask is specifically formulated with acne-prone skin in mind. Made with sulfur, which is proven to break down blackheads and whiteheads (as well as act as an antibacterial agent), sulfur aids in the regeneration of new skin cells while absorbing excess oils.

The Hydrating Midnight Mask: starring charcoal, whose antibacterial properties remove toxins from the skin, this refreshing mask works to soothe and hydrate all skin types— primarily acne-prone skin. Gentle enough to be used daily, the Hydrating Midnight Mask is the perfect solution for those dealing with mask-inflicted breakouts and oiliness.

Face 5: Your Authority on All Things Maskne

Don’t let maskne get you or your teen down this Fall: reach out to Face 5 today for your acne education and solution needs.