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Acne Solution Program

Ready to start your acne clearing journey? Let’s do it!

Our acne clearing method is called Acne Solution Program.

Our acne-clearing method is called Acne Solution Program.
This program has worked with hundreds of clients and has proven to clear acne in about 90 days. We will start you with customized skincare, diet and lifestyle adjustment, and supplement recommendations. We don’t use any medication to clear acne. We treat acne holistically. We try our best to find the root cause of your acne and make an adjustment that is needed to improve acne.

Here are the steps with Acne Solution Program.

Step 1:  Schedule Acne Solution Program 101 appointment

What is included:

  • Review of your intake form*
  • Go over the “Acne Solution Guide,” which includes information about acne-safe lifestyle, diet, makeup, hair care, medications, etc.
  • Supplement recommendation
  • Skin Test to determine your customized skincare, which let you start our Acne Solution Program
  • Full Skin Care product recommendation**
  • Instruction of your home care routine for the next 2 weeks
  • Exfoliating treatment with extraction and High-Frequency treatment (ASP 101 Deluxe only)
  • Professional Grade LED Light Therapy Treatment ( ASP 101 Deluxe only)

*Please submit a New Client Intake Form from the link which will be emailed to you when you schedule your appointment.

**Please expect to purchase your first set of acne products, which averages around $150 – $200 for face acne and $100 + for body acne, when you start our Acne Solution Program. The first set of products will last approximately 2+ months. However, you may be instructed to change or alter your home-care products, depending on your skin condition. 

We do not offer our Acne Solution Program without the purchase and use of our Face Five Skincare products, which include a wide range of beneficial ingredients like topical Mandelic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and topical retinoids. 

Important Note for all new clients:

Please let your acne specialist know if you are using any topical antibiotics or cream medications. You need to stop using any topical medications for 2 weeks before the skin test. If you are on Accutane, you need to stop taking Accutane at least 2 months before you start our program. If you are pregnant or nursing, we need to have your doctor’s approval before you start our Acne Solution Program. Please ask us for a form for you to take to your doctor.

Acne Solution Program 101



  • Acne Solution Guide in PDF Presentation
  • Skin-Test
  • Exfoliating Treatment
  • Ice Massage
  • Homecare Product Recommendation
  • Skincare routine instruction for the next 2 weeks

45 minutes: $85


  • Acne Solution Program in-person
  • Skin-Test
  • Exfoliating Treatment
  • Homecare Product Recommendation
  • Skincare routine instruction for the next 2 weeks
  • Ice Massage with Hydrating Gel Mask
  • Extraction & High Frequency
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Free Icy Gel & Acne-Safe Lip Balm

90 minutes: $115

“”Step 2: Schedule a Follow-Up appointment

We will see you every two weeks for the follow-up appointment. We assess your skin with all our appointment and make any homecare adjustments your skin needs in order to improve your skin’s health continuously. Most of our clients see the clear skin in 90 days.

Follow-up appointments choices:

  • Quick Peel
  • Express Treatment 
  • Full Treatment 

 Add-On Services

Basic $8

  • High Frequency
  • Ice Glove Massage

Advanced $12

  • Head Massage
  • My Skin Buddy massage with Hydrating Gel Mask
  • Oxygen Gun Treatment with your choice of serum

Ultimate $25

  • Extraction and High Frequency
  • LED Light Therapy

What to do after you achieve clear skin?  How to stay clear and keep it clear?

Now your acne is under control!

You are now in maintenance mode. Yay! To keep your skin continuously clear and minimize acne scars, continue using our Face Five Skincare products as your Acne Specialist instructs you. We recommend coming in for treatment regularly to get your pores deeply cleaned once every 4-6 weeks for the best results.

Skin disorders change with the weather, environment, hormones, lifestyle changesand stress levels. Therefore, it is crucial to adjust your home care products to depend on your skin condition in every season of your life. We are here to help guide you to clear skin life.

If you are interested in starting the treatment for the acne scar, this is the best time to start with our Acne Scar Reduction Therapy.

Ready To Start Your Acne Clearing Journey?

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