“I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am for Yuki’s work! She was able to clear up my painful acne so well that I’m confident without wearing face makeup. I went to her in April 2016 in order to clear my skin for my wedding day in December. I am so happy that I made the decision to go to Yuki. My face was cleared up well before the wedding, and I haven’t had a bad break out in months! It feels so great to finally have clear skin!”

Dani C.

“My skin is incredibly sensitive. Any product I had used on my skin from face wash to moisturizer was too harsh on my skin and did not have the promised results. Using the Face 5 products had a drastic difference on my skin. Yuki was able to find every cause behind my breakouts and dry skin. Her products were easy for my skin to adjust to and within just 3 months of my visits with Yuki, my skin was more hydrated and my breakouts under control. It was a small miracle that we had found Yuki because I had tried so many products before that did not have the same results as hers.

I definitely would recommend Yuki to anyone else struggling with mild to severe acne. Now I feel a lot more confident and do not even need to apply coverage to my face. Yuki is truly dedicated to her clients and each visit is such a pleasure.”

Calissa R.

“I have never been happier with my face! Face 5 was my last resort after 7 years of trying endless products and visiting multiple dermatologists and naturopaths. I am so happy I gave Face Five a chance. The product is wonderful, Yuki is structured and goal-oriented while being empathetic and very accessible when I have had questions. I recommend her to anyone that has an issue with acne!”

Calissa R.

“I started my skincare treatment in January 2017, desperate to have clearer skin. I am a 54-year-old woman and my complexion has always been a challenge. It was exceptionally bad when I went to see Yuki because of some hormonal issues, stress from my daughter’s recent surgery and some bad advice from a dermatologist. After our first session, not only was she easy to talk to and very knowledgeable, she gave me hope that my skin could actually get better.

Yuki’s regimen requires commitment and discipline, and I started to see results within a few weeks. Not only did my acne significantly reduce, my rosacea started to clear without antibiotics or harsh chemicals. Yuki took photos each week so I could see the results of my daily care which encouraged me to stay with the program. She was very encouraging and I actually looked forward to our appointments. I am now on a maintenance program and have a clear face. I have the confidence to go without makeup and have minimal flare-ups. I would highly recommend Yuki to anyone who want to have clear, healthy skin.”


Lisa M.

“When our son was experiencing an outbreak, we decided to pay Face 5 a visit. Our son consulted with the owner, Yuki Stauffer, after which we decided to give her program a try. Her program spanned several months (and was worked into his busy school and sports schedule).

After each session we saw improvement and upon completion, the acne was completely gone and our son’s face was spotless. That was great but another thing we noticed was an improvement in our son’s personal esteem and confidence. I might be stretching the cause and effect a bit, but he seems more talkative, has a beautiful girlfriend and seems to be enjoying life. I believe a lot of credit goes to Yuki and her program. As a Dad, I highly recommend Face 5 to anyone who is experiencing skin problems.”

Curt D.

“I highly recommend Face 5, especially if you are looking for an acne treatment program that gives positive results without dangerous medications. Yuki is a warm and knowledgeable skin care coach. After seeing her for several weeks now I am happy to report that I am seeing great improvements already, and my adult acne seems to be under better control. If you’ve ‘tried it all,’ and haven’t seen the results you want, I hope you give Yuki’s skin care services a try.”

Angelique S.

“Yuki is a miracle worker! I took my son in for back acne. He used Proactiv. Proactiv barely cleared it up and when he was 3 months into using it, the acne came back. Yuki’s insight and products cleared up his skin completely! There is a science behind clearing it up and she knew exactly what to do!! Thanks Yuki!”

Kathleen F.

“I’ve struggled with moderate acne for my entire adult life and have literally spent thousands of dollars on both conventional and natural approaches, but with no real long-term success. After working with Yuki for only 3 months, my skin became completely clear and has remained that way. She truly understands acne and I’m so happy to have found an approach that is not only effective, but also safe and healthy so it can be maintained. Yuki is so gracious and supportive every step of the way. I only wish I would have found her sooner!”


Lindsay R.

“Yuki is absolutely amazing at what she does! I started dealing with mild to moderate adult acne in my late twenties, and nothing I tried seemed to help. My sister then told me about her success after working with Yuki, so I decided to give Face 5 a try, and I am so glad I did! My skin was completely clear less than a month after my first appointment, and it has remained so for several months!!! Please don’t hesitate to schedule with Yuki!”

Alhanna A.

“My daughter’s complexion has improved significantly! I am so thankful for all of Yuki’s help!”

Lucy O.

“I began seeing Yuki about a year ago. I struggled with acne all throughout high school and had just ended a course of antibiotics when I had my first facial. Thanks to Yuki and her products, my skin cleared up within a few months of treatment. I have not had any major breakouts since beginning treatment and I’m beyond thankful that I no longer have to use antibiotics to get clear skin.”

Anna C.

“Yuki has done an amazing job of clearing my 16 year old daughter’s severe acne. We had tried many traditional products as well as natural/holistic ones, yet nothing worked. But with Yuki’s treatment and regimen (which my daughter finds very doable) my daughter has found self confidence again and just loves having her beautiful skin back!”


Karen B.

“Yuki’s treatment really does work! I encourage anyone struggling with acne to make an appointment with Yuki and see the results for yourself.”


Anneliese S.