My Story – Why I Treat Acne…

I was a mother who was desperately seeking a solution to my three sons’ sometimes heart-breaking acne. I went through these trying years and experienced much of the desperation that so many other moms and dads have experienced themselves with their own children. Ultimately, I learned more than I ever thought possible, and came away with so many things that I want to share with others, and hopefully ease their own struggles with their children’s acne. The good news is that there is indeed hope for your child!

On the surface, acne would appear to affect only the skin, but in truth, it affects so many young people on an emotional level. Facial acne can prevent teens from confidently going to social events, going out in public, or even from just going to the store. Back-acne has many teens avoiding summer fun because they don’t want to take their shirt off. These are not choices we want our sons and daughters having to make. We want so much more for them! Most of all, we want them to just enjoy being young!

I have 4 boys – 3 of whom are now in their 20’s (#4 is still a little guy!). As an Esthetician, I was determined that my boys not suffer from acne the way so many teens do. Even more so, I was adamant that they not be exposed to harmful medications, like Accutane, while they were still growing.

My husband and I did not suffer with acne. But my own mother did, and that condition left scars on her face to this day. Did you know acne is mostly genetic? Dr. James E. Fulton, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. said: “It is an inherited defect of your pores”. It looked as though my boys indeed inherited my mother’s genes!

My boys all had very different skin types and types of breakouts. My oldest son was very active in sports and had super sensitive skin with small bumps all over his forehead. I applied all that I learned from Esthetic school to try to clear his acne, but his skin experienced so much irritation that success was not easy to come by. My second oldest son had small red bumps around his nose. Acne products he used just made it worse. I took him to a dermatologist and he was prescribed oral antibiotics continuously, but with no improvement.

I was mad at myself for being an Esthetician and not being effective at clearing my sons’ acne. This was the point at which I decided to learn as much as I could about acne – what causes it, who suffers from it, why, and most importantly – how it can be controlled. To my surprise, I learned that while predisposition to acne is largely genetic, acne can’t be cured, it is only be controlled with diet, lifestyle, and daily use of the right skincare for your skin. Without adjusting all of these, it is impossible to improve your acne. I learned there are several different types of acne and they all have to be treated differently. I learned that acne is sneaky! It will develop a tolerance to medications and skincare products over time, requiring constant adjustments to these acne skincare to prevail.
With this new-found knowledge, I learned how to introduce acne products tailored to my oldest son’s very sensitive skin. I learned that his small whitehead-looking bumps were folliculitis, which is a common skin disorder caused by inflammation and infection in the hair follicles. Folliculitis needs to be treated with specific types of products and required some lifestyle adjustment since he was very active all year round.

My second oldest son’s small rush looking red bumps around the mouth and in the folds around the nose were perioral dermatitis, which resembles acne. Upon switching his toothpaste to one that I’ve now come to recommend regularly along with customized Face Five Skincare products for his skin type, he hasn’t experienced a similar outbreak since. And to think that a doctor was prescribing powerful antibiotics for this!

By the time my 3rd oldest son started breaking out with acne of all kinds, I knew what I was doing! Now I’m happy to report that my 3 oldest sons are generally clear of acne. Sure, they may digress in their prevention from time to time and experience breakout here and there, but they are experiencing regular success by living out healthy lifestyle choices and using Face Five Skincare products.

Through all this, I’ve developed a proven strategy to clear acne – My Acne Solution Program. I can offer this program to my clients through in-office visits as well as online through virtual appointments and Do-It-Yourself Starting Kit. Face Five Skincare products are all carefully formulated to effectively treat acne in those who suffer from it, across a spectrum of skin types.

I’ve learned that the key to clear skin is to implement the entire arsenal of combative steps available to us today. I will partner with you to implement a comprehensive plan to employ the proper skin care products, an acne-safe diet and healthy lifestyle that will allow you, or your child, to get the upper hand in achieving this success. It is not one size fit all! By the time you complete our Acne Solution Program and begin to enjoy the benefits of clear skin, you will be well on your way to keeping your acne under control for good, and will then begin to gain the confidence that comes with feeling great about yourself!

I am at your service and am honored to partner with you in this worthwhile pursuit!

Yuki Stauffer

  • Licensed Colorado Esthetician
  • Certified Acne Specialist
  • Certified Preventive Health Instructor
  • Certified Medical Interpreter