As the mother of four boys who suffered from acne throughout their teenage years, I know first-hand the frustration of trying acne product after acne product… only for acne-prone skin to see no visible change or, in the worst-case scenario, worsen. 

As a licensed esthetician and acne specialist, it pained me to watch them struggle with their acne-prone skin— which is why I’ve built both my clinic, Face 5 Acne Solution Center, and my skin care line, Face 5 Skin Care, around the science-backed education and treatment of acne-prone skin.

Today, I’ll be taking a deep-dive into how we treat acne here at Face 5… as well as shining a light on our superstar acne product: Alpha Serums.  

 First Things First: Why Education is the Backbone of Face 5 

Many teenagers—and the parents of teenagers—immediately turn to popularized treatments for acne-prone skin such as Accutane and Proactiv despite their recorded drawbacks and unsuitability for some forms of acne.

I can empathize, because when I was first attempting to treat my sons’ acne I wasn’t factoring in lifestyle, different acne types, genetics, specific skin care ingredients, and other aspects that contribute to how best to treat acne-prone skin.

Despite my experience as an esthetician, my sons’ acne wasn’t diminishing because I, too, had been overlooking those key aspects. Acne treatment isn’t just skin-deep: while it can’t be cured, acne can be controlled through research-backed dietary changes, supplements, carefully-chosen skin care products, and treatments.

Our adage here at Face 5 is that education comes before all else: without the proper educational backing, the choices you or your kids are making to treat  acne-prone skin will be temporarily beneficial at best. That’s why we offer a free online FAQ catalogue available to read on our website, as well as ensure that your (or your teen’s) Intro to Acne Solution Program includes a thorough intake form, presentation of our guide for acne-prone skin, a skin analysis, and customized product, supplement, and treatment recommendations.

What Forms of Acne Do We Treat Here at Face 5 Acne?

Here in Colorado Springs, the types of acne that we most commonly treat are:

  •       Folliculitis: Inflammation of hair follicles, which most frequently arises in the form of small clustered bumps across the forehead.
  •       Nodules: Hard, reddened lumps beneath the skin’s surface that produce no visible head.
  •       Cysts: Large, pus-filled lumps that form deeper beneath the skin than nodules. Cysts are typically painful and result in scarring.
  •       Papules: Small red bumps classified by their pink or red coloring and no visible head.
  •       Pustules: The common pimple, pustules are pus-filled bumps on the surface of the skin that can emerge on the face, neck, back, shoulders, chest, and butt.
  •       Closed Comedones: Most commonly referred to as “whiteheads”, closed comedones are characterized by their white center.
  •       Open Comedones: Or “blackheads”, open comedones are whiteheads that have been exposed to air and have, as such, darkened in color.

How and When Do Alpha Serums Come into Play During Acne Treatment?

The at-home skin care routine you follow is a vital component of your journey to clear skin, which is why we place a special emphasis on the products we recommend.

One of our highest-recommended products is our Alpha Serum, which is the acne product the majority of our clients start their skin journey with. Suitable for all skin types, the key ingredient of our Alpha Serum is its Mandelic Acid, which comes in four different concentrations (5%, 8%, 11%, and 15%) that will be recommended depending on the client’s skin sensitivity levels.

While our Alpha Serums also feature Lactic Acid (which contains hydrating, exfoliating, and pigment-reducing properties); Sodium Hyaluronate L (due to its powerful moisturizing abilities); and niacinamide (to support moisture retention, improve the appearance of overall skin tone, and diminish texture irregularities), Mandelic Acid stars in our Alpha Serums because of its many properties: antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, exfoliating, and able to counter post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, Mandelic Acid is perfect for both inflamed acne and, because of its antifungal properties, folliculitis—which is what the majority of teenagers with acne-prone skin are experiencing.

How our Chirally Correct Mandelic Acid Sets Itself Apart

What is “chirally correct”? That’s a great question. Simply put, a skin care product being “chirally correct” means that the product contains only the molecules that have the ability to provide the desired results. The outcome? Beneficial, fast, and long-term.

If you aren’t located here in Colorado Springs but are interested in our Alpha Serums-based product recommendations, we suggest that you fill out our Acne Rescue Kit Assessment Form: after completion, you will be provided with your personalized Acne Rescue Kit that you can utilize to refine your at-home skin care routine.

If you are a Colorado Springs resident that is seeking help for either your own acne or the acne-prone skin of a loved one, reach out today to hear how we can help—and, in the meantime, be sure to check out the real-life Face 5 Acne transformations of people just like you!