Hydro Glow Treatment

Hydro-Glow Treatment

30 minutes $140

Package Deal

  • 3 treatments: $390 ($130 each)
  • 6 treatments: $750 ($125 each)

What is Hydro-Glow Treatment?

Hydro-Glow Treatment is our hydra-dermabrasion and oxygen infusion procedure, which cleanse, extract, hydrate, and brighten the skin without any irritation.

Who should get this service?

Great for everyone except those breaking out with red, inflamed acne and severe rosacea.

Step 1: Cleanse + Peel

This will remove the buildup of sebum and debris covering your skin’s top layer. It helps to loosen and unclog pores and combines an exfoliation process of removing the top layer of dead skin cells, the stratum corneum.

Step 2: Extract + Hydrate

The Hydro-Glow Treatment removes debris from pores with painless suction and nourishes with the hydrating serum that quenches the skin.

Step 3: Fuse + Protect

We end our treatment with Oxygen Infusion. This improves blood circulation, which brightens up and plumps the skin. Oxygen is known to accelerate wound healing and may kill acne bacteria. We go a little extra with this step by adding a customized peptide or brightening serum to give your skin a wonderful glow.

Ready To Rejuvenate Your Skin?

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