…It may sound counterintuitive, we know. “Yuki,”I can hear you say, “we’re told to always see a dermatologist if we suffer from acne! Are you saying that that’s not the case?” 

The answer to that, however, is more nuanced than you may originally think. As a licensed Colorado esthetician and certified acne specialist, preventative health instructor, and medical interpreter, I’ll be diving into when to see an acne specialist over a dermatologist— and what both can offer if you are looking to address your acne. 

The Role a Dermatologist Can Play in Addressing Your Acne

Here at Face 5 Acne Solution Center in Colorado Springs, we specialize in treating acne in all of its various forms and severities. And what is one of the most commonly-prescribed acne treatments? Antibiotics and topical and/or oral medications— notably Accutane and Retin A. 

Dermatologists spend a minimum of four years in medical school and an extensive dermatology program in order to have extensive training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, moles, tumors of the skin, contact dermatitis, and other non-allergic disorders.

What does this mean for visiting a dermatologist for acne? While a jack of all trades when it comes to cosmetic irregularities, dermatologists do not have a specialization in acne and, as such, have limited procedures when it comes to addressing acne— namely, as mentioned above, prescribing antibiotics and/or oral medications.  

While antibiotics and topical and/or oral medications can treat some grades of acne, they are not the best choices for most types of acne and majority show only temporary results. Worse still, serious but commonly-prescribed “solutions” such as Accutane can wreak unnecessary havoc on the body: here in Colorado Springs alone, many athletes who play sports at the high school level (and even the Olympic level in the nearby Olympic Training Center!) have suffered from Accutane’s drawbacks, such as a loss of bone density, inflammation of the mouth and eyes, and muscle aches. 

When first attempting to rid my three sons of their acne and seeing only sporadic results with prescribed antibiotics and oral medications, the major flaws in how dermatologists apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach is what made me realize the importance of seeing an acne specialist for acne.

How an Acne Specialist Provides Customized, In-Depth, Long-Term Results

Before we get into why an acne specialist is Face 5’s recommendation for achieving clear skin long-term, let’s touch on estheticians: estheticians– also referred to as skin care specialists— are well-versed in both procedural expertise and the beautification of skin; while some estheticians do have a background in acne treatments, it is possible to pass the U.S esthetician state licensing exams without an in-depth understanding of acne. If you do choose to go to an esthetician or dermatologist to get your acne addressed, we strongly recommend to do your research to ensure that who you are seeing has a background or specialization in acne to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Acne specialists, however, do what they say on the tin: they specialize in acne. Acne specialists are classified as estheticians who have continued their education past state licensing requirements in order to develop complex, personalized, and varied treatments for different grades of acne; they factor in dietary, lifestyle, environmental, topical, and genetic factors that contribute to your specific acne.

After prescriptions and common topical acne products did not work to quell my sons’ acne, I, only an esthetician at the time— not yet an acne specialist— had to expand my pre-existing knowledge of acne and rewire my own preconceptions of it. To focus my research and training on the root of acne, which is largely genetic, and delve deeply into how to best treat each grade of acne through diet, lifestyle, and skin care is what aided me in curing my sons’ acne and help them control it long-term. Transforming my esthetician knowledge into a specialization in acne is also what inspired me to create Face 5’s own acne-oriented skin care line, Face 5 Skin Care

Are You Looking For a Long-Term Solution For YOUR Acne?

If you are tired of your or your loved one’s dermatologist or esthetician-recommended acne solutions being temporary— or, worse, ineffective— contact Face 5 today to receive the 100% tailored, personalized acne treatment your skin deserves. Whether you live here in Colorado Springs or elsewhere, our Virtual Appointments make addressing your acne accessible regardless of your location! Book yours today.