Acne myths: they’re the bane of our existence, aren’t they?

Whether you’re a teenager up to your ears with your (seemingly!) unbeatable breakouts, a parent of a teenager who is at their wits end after buying acne treatment after acne treatment, or are just someone who has battled with your acne all your life and still haven’t found a consistently effective treatment plan, we here at Face 5 guarantee that you’ve fallen for a common acne myth at least once.

While our free Acne Info guide answers many acne-related FAQs, there are six acne myths that we wanted to put to rest right here and now.

Myth #1: Only Teenagers Get Acne

An obvious myth? Not to everyone! The idea that only teenagers get acne is well-documented to not be accurate, so when teenage clients come in under the assumption that their hormones are the only reason they’re suffering from acne, well, it’s one of the first misconceptions that’s put to rest! 

As the mother of boys, three of whom struggled with acne throughout their teenage years, this acne myth was even one of the ones that I bought into before I educated myself. Acne is nuanced so, while it is true that acne appears most frequently in adolescents, to chalk acne up as just a “teenage problem” is damaging misinformation that delays treatment for many people.

Speaking of treatment delays, that leads us to….

Myth #2: Acne Will Go Away On Its Own

If you’ve been told “Just wait! Your acne will go away with time”, you know that this myth has absolutely no truth to it.

Due to acne being triggered by a combination of a non-acne-compliant diet, lifestyle, and application of personal care products, the idea that your acne will “heal itself” over time just isn’t factual: leaving your breakouts as they are without treatment will simply increase your risk of scarring and future breakouts.

What to do instead? Educate yourself on acne using our online resources and book either a virtual two-step acne program with Face 5 or book an appointment to visit our physical location in Colorado Springs. Consulting with an acne specialist is crucial for educating yourself on not only how to manage your acne, but also the science behind which products, lifestyle changes, and diet adjustments need to happen in order to have your success be long-term.

Myth #3: Acne is Caused By Dirt

Wrong, wrong, wrong! 

If you’re under the impression that acne is caused by unclean skin, that’s just not correct: while blackheads may look like dirt has clogged pores, their dark color is simply the result of oil oxidizing and, in turn, turning black on the surface of the skin. Meaning? It’s nothing to do with “not washing your face” enough; in fact, I find that clients with acne have a more thorough at-home skin care routine than those without.

Myth #4: Getting a Sun Helps to Clear Up Acne

While this would be fantastic if it were true, the sad reality is that it isn’t. Although there is evidence that sun exposure that temporarily and superficially improve the look of acne by reducing the visibility of scars, tanning, in actuality, runs the risk of drying out the skin and triggering the overproduction of sebum. The result? Increased severity of breakouts.

In fact, dermatologist Dr. Nina Roos states: “Acne sufferers […] have a high risk of permanent damage, especially scarring, if they over-expose their skin to the sun.”

Myth #5: Popping Pimples Will Make Them Go Away Sooner

Possibly my least favorite acne myth, this myth is, I’m sure, the cause of much avoidable scarring.

Here at Face 5, we occasionally conduct professional pimple extractions utilizing either an extractor or lance with specialized magnifying glasses to ensure that no scars are left behind. When people attempt to extract their pimples at home, however, the core of the pimple is left behind, meaning that that same pimple will continue coming back until the core is removed completely! This results in the majority of people squeezing the pimple, breaking the tissue there, and, sadly, accidentally causing scarring.

Myth #6: You Can “Clean Up” A Pimple By Scrubbing It

Say it with me: “No!” By scrubbing at an active breakout you expose the surrounding skin to acne bacteria.

Face 5’s recommended workaround? Our Acne Spot Eraser. Rather than electric brushes like Clarisonic which are difficult to clean and spread bacteria around the face, clients love the Acne Spot Eraser for the cleaning of painful pus-filled papules and cysts: rather than over-scrubbing and damaging the skin, the Acne Spot Eraser provides gentle spot treatment that protects the surrounding skin.

Acne Myths? Consider Them Busted!

Whether you’d like to book an appointment or have any further acne-related questions, comments, or concerns, reach out today to continue having damaging acne myths busted.