One of the common questions I receive from clients who come to Face 5 is how to be acne-safe while traveling and avoid breakouts

While travel has been recommended to be limited throughout 2021, this concern stays top-of-mind for clients who have to travel for work or for other necessities… and would be fantastic to have on hand for when travel is encouraged again!

Whether you need this advice ASAP or are learning how to protect your skin later down the line, be sure to bookmark this blog to have it handy. 

First Things First: To Be Acne-Safe While Traveling and Avoid Breakouts, You Need Your Skin Care On-Hand!

As an acne specialist, I know first-hand that some of the best solutions end up being the most simple. A case in point is, to avoid breakouts while traveling, ensure that A) you have your acne-safe skin care products with you, and B) that you have them in travel-safe packaging.

If flying, ensure that your skin care makes up less than 3.4 oz to agree with airline policies and test to make sure it is leak-proof ahead of time. Bringing it in your carry-on is a plus! (Trust me, there are few things worse when traveling than looking forward to cleansing your face after a long day… only to realize that your skin care is stuck with your lost or delayed luggage!)

Opt Out of Using The Hotel’s Free Sample Products

Think not taking advantage of a hotel’s free sample products is sacrilegious? If your skin is acneic (or even just sensitive!), you may want to think again.

When it comes to both preventing and managing acne breakouts, sticking to a science-backed skin care routine is essential. After all, acne takes 30 – 90 days to form, meaning that switching products suddenly disrupts the effectiveness of your routine and will make it so it will take longer to determine what in your routine is working (and what isn’t.) On top of this, the ingredients in the free samples may trigger acne breakouts; without professional guidance, it may be impossible to know! 

“The shampoo is safe though, right Yuki?” I’m glad you asked! While using a hotel’s shampoo may seem innocent when it comes to preventing breakouts while traveling, the hair products you use do actually contribute to your breakouts (or lack thereof.)

Looking for 100%-Safe Hair Products? Look No Further Than the Face 5-Approved Stay Clear Line

If you’re seeking 100% acne-safe hair products that are color-safe, hydrating, and provide volume, the Stay Clear™ Shampoo, Stay Clear™ Conditioner, and Stay Clear™ Leave-In Conditioner are guaranteed to not trigger breakouts along the hairline, cheeks, and back while still being great for all hair types (even curly hair!)

All three are 10% off throughout the month of March. Reach out today to learn how you can come purchase yours from the clinic!

Bring Your Own Pillowcase

Similarly to how certain ingredients in skin care and hair products contribute to acne, the same goes for detergents and fabric softeners. Hotels frequently use fabric softener and dryer sheets to make their bedding soft and smooth; however, fabric softeners and dryer sheets are big no’s-no’s for getting your acne-prone skin under control.

Bringing your own pillowcase circumvents this risk and will help keep your skin in check all trip long.

Adjust Your Skin Care Routine If You Are Traveling to a Different Climate

Just like how skin care routines need to be adjusted per-season in order to not over (or under!) hydrate, to appropriately moisturize, and appropriately exfoliate, adjusting your skin care routine for the climate you are heading to is just as essential. 

Bonus tip: heading to a location where you are likely to encounter allergy triggers? While most allergy medications are acne-safe, I have learned that the brand Claritin specifically triggers skin problems with acne-prone individuals. Opt out of taking it when you can!

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I want to hear: what are the most common skincare mistakes you’ve made while traveling? Did I touch on any of them in today’s blog?