One of the most frequent acne scars FAQs here at Face 5 is, “Once I do have my acne managed, will my acne scars ever go away?”

While answers will vary depending on the patient’s specific skin type, concern, and history, today’s blog strives to answer your most frequent acne scars FAQs… as well as provide professional advice on how to circumvent the most common acne-scars related mistakes I see patients make while undergoing acne treatment!

Question #1: “How Long Do Acne Scars Typically Take to Fade?”

On average, our patients’ acne scars typically fade in approximately six to nine months. This is, however, dependent on the following:

  • The severity of the acne being treated (for example, Face 5’s standard Acne Solution Program is designed to treat mild-to-moderate acne; severe acne or old acne scars may require additional treatment to accelerate the fading process)
  • The patient’s adherence to the professional guidelines and treatments recommended to them
  • How regimented the patient is in regards to following our full menu of acne and acne scars-related advice, both at home and here at Face5

Question #2: “What Mistakes Can Inadvertently Slow the Fading of Acne Scars?”

There are five recurring mistakes patients make when it comes to quickly and effectively fading their acne scars. The common thread? They all stem from misunderstanding the process!

Here is what you should know when it comes to helping your acne scars fade:

Not Prioritizing Getting “Active” Acne Under Control Before Beginning Aggressive Treatment for Scars

The first step in fading any acne scar is first getting the initial acne under control.

While many believe that they can jump headlong into aggressive acne scars treatment during this phase, that couldn’t be farther from the truth: in fact, popular scarring treatments such as microdermabrasion and microneedling can actually negatively impact the healing process for active acne

In addition to slowing the healing of your active acne breakouts, attempting to skip over this acne-management phase of treatments also has long-term downsides: because this is the time to diagnose your acne triggers and learn how to reshape your lifestyle to remain acne-free after your treatments have concluded, not prioritizing this is a missed opportunity that will only prolong breakouts!

Not Knowing the Difference Between an Acne Scar and an Acne Mark

Acne breakouts typically leave pink, red, or brown marks behind… while acne marks usually fade away in six months or less due to not running as deep as a scar would. As such, standard scarring treatments are shelved in favour of at-home topical treatments and in-clinic facials.

It is highly recommended to have an acne specialist examine your face once your Acne Solution Program has concluded in order to ensure that your remaining discolouration is being treated correctly. 

Not Hydrating Consistently 

One of the most common misconceptions (surrounding teenage acne in particular!) is that hydrating or moisturizing the skin will prompt further breakouts.

The truth is that acne breakouts are injuries to the skin; as such, it is crucial for proper healing that the skin remains consistently and thoroughly hydrated. Because moisturizers are designed to protect the skin, a moisturizer that hydrates is essential to acne treatment for proper skin health and, when using professionally-recommended skin care, will not add excess oil to the skin.

(A misconception that comes hand-in-hand with this is that SPF application triggers breakouts. In actuality, it is vital to protect active acne and acne scars from the sun to prevent further pigmentation! When using an acne-friendly SPF prescribed by a skin therapist, breakouts will not be experienced. If you are experiencing breakouts related to SPF application, please reach out today to have a professional help you get to the root of it.)

Question #3: “What Does Face5 Recommend for Healing Acne Scars?”

Through our Acne Solution Program, the majority of Face 5’s patients receive a mild chemical peel treatment at their bi-monthly appointment; we pride ourselves on utilizing a formula specifically curated to treat acne-prone skin with none of the standard downtime associated with peels. That means minimal discomfort, zero redness, and reduced peeling in the wake of your treatment!

To best exfoliate clogged pores, treat hyperpigmentation, and soothe inflamed acne, Face 5 tests each patient’s skin at the beginning of each treatment to determine which level and strength of chemical peel are suited to the situation. Our acne scars treatments come in multiple packages:

  • A Full Treatment with Professional LED Light Therapy
  • An Express Treatment without Professional LED Light Therapy
  • Acne Scar Reduction Therapy
  • Acne Scar Reduction Therapy for the Shoulders and Back
  • Collagen Induction Therapy for Anti-Aging
  • The Package Purchase Discount, which features three of the above services for a discounted rate

Whether you have further acne scars-related questions or are looking to book your first (or next!) scarring treatment, contact Face 5 today to speak to a professional acne specialist.