Why does it take 90 days to clear acne?

Here at Face 5, this is a question I field frequently as an acne specialist.

Whether you are grappling with adult acne, teenage acne, are here in Colorado Springs or are one of my acne clients who live abroad, there is one universal truth: clearing skin is not an overnight process, regardless of your acne’s severity.

Today, Face 5 is proud to provide an overview of why this is, what Face 5 does to quicken the process of acne healing, and what you can do at home starting today to begin your path to clear skin.

Why Does it Take 90 Days to Clear Acne? Short Answer: Because Acne Itself Takes 30 – 90 Days to Form

While it may seem like pimples crop up overnight, in actuality acne takes 30 – 90 days to form. A pimple you see today likely started as a microcomedone up to three months ago!

This cycle of formation, visibility, and then, eventually, healing makes it so acne will only be noticeable 30 – 90 days after its initial trigger. 

Acne is defined as either inflammatory or non-inflammatory. Subcategories within these two definitions include whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. Each comes with its own level of severity and differing best treatment options.

Common acne triggers that frequently perpetuate the cycle of acne formation include:

  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Incorrect skin care products
  • Incorrect skin care product usage
  • Lifestyle factors (such as a dairy sensitivity or a high-glycemic diet)
  • External factors such as mask-wearing or laundry detergents that contain irritants

How Face 5 Tackles Acne Formation At Its Roots

To combat the acne formation cycle, Face 5 recommends that you come in for acne treatment every two weeks during your initial few months on the clear skin program. These acne treatments will consist of thorough exfoliation, extractions, the diminishing of post-inflammatory pigmentation and acne scars, and, of course, an analysis of your home care routine to determine which product combinations will best suit your skin’s existing needs and concerns.

In addition to Face 5’s library of acne-related FAQs and expert tips, each and every Face 5 client is offered a High-Frequency Acne Treatment after their extractions. These Face 5’s High-Frequency Acne Treatments are safe, gentle, and effective treatments that:

  • Oxygenate the skin for enhanced blood flow and improved skin texture
  • Utilize the primary action of high-frequency thermal currents and oxygen, which combine to assist in eradicating stubborn acne bacteria that lurks beneath the surface layer of the skin
  • Reduce and calm existing breakouts
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production to achieve a more radiant, more youthful-looking complexion
  • Aid in lymphatic drainage, which, in turn, diminishes puffiness and inflammation in the facial region

Including these advanced treatments as a regular step of your acne program works to improve not only the appearance of your breakouts but the overall long-term health of your skin. High-Frequency Acne Treatments can help to speed up the healing portion of the acne formation cycle while simultaneously killing acne-causing bacteria and related inflammation, meaning that, while the healing portion of the cycle is enhanced, acne formation itself is stopped in its tracks.

Acne-Safe Makeup: A Crucial Step in Managing Acne Long-Term

If you are acne-prone, it is a non-negotiable to avoid pore-clogging ingredients… especially in makeup, which sits on your skin for extended periods of time!

Due to the 30 – 90 day cycle of acne formation, taking all steps advised by your acne specialist is crucial in assisting your in-clinic treatments. This is particularly true for any topical products that are not acne-safe, including, but not limited to, hair care, lip care, oral hygiene products, and, of course, makeup.

Unsure on which topical, dietary, or lifestyle triggers are perpetuating your or your teen’s acne formation cycle? Reach out today to take your first step towards clear skin for life.