Who are you trusting with your teenager’s acne?

For me, putting my trust in dermatologists was hard when it came to my three sons’ acne: to see their acne not improving but getting worse after trying multiple medications prescribed by their dermatologists took an enormous toll on me as a mother, and, as an esthetician, I knew that I didn’t want to subject them to the negative side effects of isotretinoin in order for their acne to be resolved.

So what did I do? I built on my existing knowledge of skin care as an esthetician to become a certified acne specialist in order to not only heal my sons’ acne, but to also help families just like us. However, that’s not to say that’s where my journey in esthetics began— on the contrary, my interest in skin care started decades earlier!

That’s why, today, I wanted to give you the chance to get to know a little bit more about me: Yuki, the face behind Face 5. So, without further ado… 

Preventative Healthcare Instructing: the First Stepping Stone to my Esthetics Career

Despite having moved to the United States from Japan at the age of 18, I studied holistic health by mail to receive my Preventative Healthcare Instructor certificate from Japan. A specialized qualification orbiting around “the knowledge necessary for maintaining and improving health through preventative medicine and alternative medicine”, the qualification is earned through passing a 100-page test in report format concerning topics of how diet, lifestyle, and medication impacts the human body.

Having always been intrigued with holistic health, deepening my knowledge about the science-backed ties between skin health and diet, skin health and lifestyle, and skin health and medication was the first stepping stone to creating Face 5’s 360-degree acne treatments and education.

The Importance of my Role as a Medical Interpreter 

My time spent as a professional medical interpreter orbited around helping patients communicate with medical staff in the treatment room, which is why it became one of the inspirations behind Face 5’s top-selling two-step acne program! A huge portion of this? Becoming deeply familiar with a myriad of medication, commonly-prescribed and otherwise, to understand how they impact medical conditions and the body as a whole. 

In fact, the fantastic results Face 5 clients see are largely due in part to how working as a medical interpreter made me understand that medicine is one of the most overlooked acne triggers, and that having the ability to factor in clients’ medications into their acne-healing program has been a blessing!

Becoming a Certified Acne Specialist

Having already become a licensed esthetician here in Colorado long before my sons began grappling with their teenage acne (particularly bacne, which affects many teenage athletes!), it was frustrating to have my reservoir of general skin care knowledge but still not know the ins-and-outs of the specific grades of acne that were plaguing them.

That frustration as both a mother and an esthetician was what prompted me to get my acne specialist certification from Face Reality Acne Clinic; the program is geared towards estheticians who want to be prepared to “treat [their] most challenging acne clients using comprehensive treatment protocols and premium products.” Face Reality Acne Clinic’s training walks estheticians through the educational resources needed to successfully treat all acne types, severities, and skin types. 

And what was the result of my combined acne specialist certification, esthetics license, certificate in preventative healthcare instructing, and years as a medical interpreter? A nuanced, science-based, compassion-driven understanding of acne from the inside out. (Plus, spoiler alert: all three of my sons are officially acne-free!)

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It was a pleasure further introducing myself to you all today. If you have any questions or comments about myself at Face 5, please reach out today; there are few things I appreciate more than the opportunity to connect with you all.